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Estate Planning: Summertime Fun – Prepare and Protect

Nothing says summertime like beaches, BBQ’s , family road trips and anything but school and work. Sometimes the best made plans are those that happen on a whim. Others require some pre-planning to make sure it goes off without a hitch.

Summertime in Florida is hurricane season. All summertime plans can be washed away if a hurricane hits. What do Floridians do when they are told there is a hurricane forming? Go crazy of course.  You prepare for the possibility of days without electricity and the ability to get gas. You stock up on canned goods, batteries, water bottles, and fill your tank of gas for your car and generators.

No one watches the news and says, “the hurricane won’t hit us so we don’t need to stock up.” Hurricanes can unexpectedly change directions and you could go from being safe to being in the center of the eye.  Without proper planning, you will be at the mercy of others to help you. Don’t you wish you prepared?

Just like a hurricane, you cannot predict or control when or where you are going to die. You should plan ahead and take charge of your estate.

In Florida, if you die without a will or trust your intentions of how you would like your assets to be distributed and who will become the guardian of your children is irrelevant. Your assets will be statutorily distributed “per stirpes” and groups of loved ones may be excluded. Proper estate planning is necessary to protect who will receive your assets and who will care for your children.

Protect yourself and your family with proper estate planning before it is too late. Safeguard your assets and determine who will take your children to the beach, who will teach them how to ride their bike, or guide them through life if you are no longer able to.  With proper estate planning including, Wills, Trust, Power of Attorney, Health Care Surrogate, Funding Techniques, you can feel secure when your time has come.

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