Would you trust your friend to perform open-heart surgery, if he was not a surgeon, in order to save money? Hopefully your answer to that is no.  If not, read that question again and think harder.

Lately in society, everyone seems to be addicted to DIY projects. Everyone thinks they can purchase a rundown house and then fix the house (plumbing, electrical, painting, etc.) then flip the house for profit. What makes someone think they can do electrical and plumbing without being properly trained? 


What about something simpler. Pinterest, one of the hottest website people turn to for ideas in all areas of their life. Everything looks great on the website and seems relatively simple. However, when the average person attempts the project, more likely than not, they achieve a level of failure. Disappointment ensues, yet, they will probably attempt something else. Trial and error works for simple activities in life, but trial and error is not the route anyone should go when planning their estate.

Death rate is 100%. If you are given a 100% probability of dying, why not prepare for it accordingly? There are plenty of DIY workbooks with fill-in the blank forms available at the bookstore or online. They even give you instructions. Planning your estate in South Florida is not as simple a task as preparing your tax returns on TurboTax.

There is no cookie cutter form that will effectively plan your estate.  No two estates are the same. You need the expertise of a Florida estate planning attorney. Your estate planning attorney will represent your interests and desires when preparing your estate plan.

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